Thursday, August 21, 2008


Lot of times don't we carried away with the debate. Our mentality is set that either we have to convince the other person our views, in case if we fail most of the time not to accept the other persons views and term that other person is a silly person or say something like "you are arguing on silly matter" or "you are dumb to understand it" etc, because the other person does not agree with us isn't it? But what actually we miss in this process is we fail to understand the root cause of the difference in opinion. Instead of learning something which we don’t know from others, we close the doors and block the rays of knowledge that are emitting from the other person.
What exactly other person wants? Does he want us to agree upon his view or he wants to verify if he is correct or he wants just to debate for fun (aimless) But most of the time it’s the former one... what do you say? (In this case I would like verify, if my view/understanding is correct)...
Sometimes we get to the extent of raising our voice, to convince the other person about our point of view and fail to understand or hear his view (may be he could be correct fact wise but not logically correct).

Once we know that its difficult to convince a person on any topic, usually we avoid debating with him and just laugh at his ideas or just pretend we agree with him. Isn’t it? (I usually pretend when confronted with such persons. J)

Just to quote, take the example of Galileo, he said earth rotates round the sun and not vice versa but people at that time put him under prison and humiliated him, as it was against the their spirituality.. Why? (Because his theory was not understood by others)

After scientific approach now we know he was correct. So, our mind does need some proof to believe things isn’t it? Even God exists or not is also a debate going around for ages together.

Sorry, too much philosophical.

What do you say..?